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Since I’m from Texas, I mention my home state from time to time.

The Wheels on the Bus…

My body may be in Germany, but my heart and soul are still in Texas, and that’s where a set of my books will be too in a couple of days. Last week, I received this appeal in the mail … Continue reading →

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A Fish out of Water

When I was a little girl in Denton, Texas, my brothers and I played with the Goetz boys, who lived around the corner. We were terribly excited when they arrived because they came from Germany. (Our experience of Germans up … Continue reading →

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Leaf Fall

The leaves have started to change in Germany. That’s a very big deal to this Texas girl because where I come from the leaves don’t bother to fall off the trees until spring. We rake live oak leaves from February … Continue reading →

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My Morning Jog

Jogging through scenery like this does more than tone the body. It heals the soul. I took this photograph today on my morning jog. Now, lest you think that I jog for miles, let me set you straight. The entire … Continue reading →

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Escape from the Dust

Why do I love northern Europe? Because I’m from Texas, the land of barbed wire, mesquite trees, and prickly pear cactus. The beauty of Texas is severe. And some years, there’s no beauty at all. This year is a dry … Continue reading →

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