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Not-So-Nice Things about Living in Europe

No trespassing or swimming

All sorts of things are forbidden. But if you don't speak a foreign language, you don't know what they are.

Norwegian museum sign

That sign in the museum would be very helpful if only you could read it.

Italian cable car sign

Signs in foreign countries can be very confusing—particularly when they are in English.

Strawberry tart

The food is not what we are used to.

French eels

Some of it looks frightening.


Some of it is poisonous!

Italian candy sombreros

The candy is weird.

Venice pigeon

The pigeons are scary.

Venice pigeons

Seriously! They're like something out of Hitchcock.

European pay toilet

European toilets can be an adventure.

Yorkshire mole catching success

Local customs can be upsetting.

Henry V arrow wound

We do not always want to learn what the museum docent is trying to teach us.

Verdun graves

Some of it is sad.

German bell tower

Europeans do not baby us. They are perfectly willing to let us put our lives at risk by climbing up to crazy places...

Switzerland mountains

...or by falling off the side of a mountain. We Americans think this is unfair.

old press

Not all of the factories are up to code.

horse backend painting

Not all of the art is universally admired.

headless muse

Some of the art has seen better days.


So have some of the buildings.

Egyptian mummy

So have some of the people!

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