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European Gardens

The cool, wet climate of northern Europe is perfect for growing flowers. This Texas girl had never seen such flowers before going to Germany. The first day we were there, we took a walk by the neighborhood cemetery and were astounded at the gorgeous blooms. Texas botanical gardens don't look as nice as a German cemetery does.

Rothenburg garden

This garden is in Rothenburg.

Dijon garden

This is a summer garden in Dijon, France.

Europa Rosengarten

The Europa Rosengarten was only forty-five minutes from our house: acres and acres of the most spectacular roses, like these...

Europa Rosengarten

...and these...

Europa Rosengarten

...and this...

Europa Rosengarten

...with some other striking plants thrown in for good measure. We spent many happy hours at the Rosengarten!

English garden

In England, even the grass is civilized. It has been trimmed with scissors for centuries!

English tree

The most remarkable things in the British Isles are the trees. My husband is sitting under this one.

English tree

This venerable monster is like a troll, a spooky Halloween tree. Just look at all its knots and sinewy growths. The trees in England have such personality. No wonder Tolkien gave them a species of their very own.

Florentine fountain

Many of the old European gardens have exotic statuary. These fountains are in Florence, Italy.

German windowbox

The Germans pride themselves on their windowboxes. Often, their houses are right on the street, with no room for a garden. So they grow their gardens at the windows, like this...

German windowbox

...and this.

German autumn window decoration

In fall and winter, when it gets too cold for flowers, they decorate in other ways to keep color at their windows all year long.

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