An Afternoon Walk around Rodenbach

Photo taken in October, 2011, in Rodenbach, Germany

The town I live in is like Grandma’s cookie jar: I never know what I’ll find when I shut my front door and walk outside, but I can be pretty sure I’m going to love it. There are lots of enjoyable things to see within ten minutes of my house.

On the hill above my street is a Reitstall: a riding stable. I snapped this action shot of a horse heading back to his stall, and considering my general ineptitude with a camera, I was very pleased with how it turned out. My camera, fortunately, is much smarter about taking pictures than I am. It’s a Canon PowerShot SX230 HS.

The number of horses around here amazes me. In my opinion, it’s a good measure of the prosperity of the local residents. Horses are like yachts: a true luxury item.

Photo taken in October in Rodenbach, Germany

This lovely monument is just outside the Reitstall. It used to be a tradition in this part of Germany to have a cross wherever two roads meet, and there are many other sculptures and shrines as well.

Photo taken in October, 2011, near Rodenbach, Germany

I’ve read about dairy cows lying down in the fields, but I never noticed it in Texas. Here in Germany, though, the entire herd will be lying around and dozing in the afternoon. They look very peaceful.

Photo taken in October, 2011, in Rodenbach, Germany

And this lovely little fountain is in a front garden just down the street from my apartment.

Photos taken in October, 2011, in or near Rodenbach, Germany. Text and photos copyright 2011 by Clare B. Dunkle.

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