Clare B. Dunkle

Storytelling and Fiction Writing

by Clare B. Dunkle

Garden on the Isle of Iona

People often ask me if I have always wanted to write books. The answer is no: honestly, I never wanted to write books at all. I have never had a habit of writing for my own enjoyment, although I have always enjoyed writing. I always felt that such a hobby would take up too much time.

In May of 2001, I began writing fiction for the first time since seventh-grade creative writing class, and I only did so because my husband specifically asked me to. I found that I had been right about one thing: writing does take a lot of time. It's also addictive. When I have to stop writing for a few weeks, I am restless and unhappy. I can't wait to start again.

I didn't read any manuals or how-to books on fiction writing before I set to work. I just let the process itself teach me. But I have done a lot of thinking about that process as I have composed my novels, and I have set some of that thinking down in these pages. None of it, I am sure, is new, but some of the ideas may be new to you. Whether you are working through writing problems of your own or just want to gain a deeper appreciation of the writing craft, I hope that you enjoy these pages.

Being a writer means realizing, in a flash of inspiration, exactly what needs to change in Chapter Three—and then noticing that you have just missed your exit.

Being a writer means stopping in the middle of a great session because the cat just threw up.

Being a writer means feeling guilty to the characters in your head because you haven't taken the time yet to write their stories.

Being a writer means chewing gum while you write dialogue because otherwise your lips will move and people walking by will think you're a moron.

Being a writer means working alone, so there is no one around to tell you how great that last sentence was—but you have no qualms about doing it yourself.

Being a writer means being in love with something your friends haven't gotten the chance to meet yet: you want to talk to fans about the book you're just now writing, and they want to talk about the book they just read.

Being a writer means crying over the sad parts, even though you already know it's going to be okay.

Being a writer means the joy of the journey.

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