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I have put my very best fiction-writing advice on the webpages of this section. Please read them all before writing to ask me questions about writing. If you have further questions at that point, I'll be happy to try to answer them.

I've put my best advice on the business of writing for publication into these pages. If you're interested in novel-writing as a profession, please visit them for a detailed look.

You may email me at claredunkle at


Unfortunately, I can no longer answer all of the reader mail I receive. I could put together a form letter to send to you, but I have a lot of respect for my readers, and I think that if you take the time to write to me, you are hoping that I will take the time to write a personal message back to you. A form letter isn't personal, so it just won't do.

I still intend to answer as much reader mail as I can, but if I can't find the time to reply to yours, please remember that I was very happy to hear from you and that I would have written you back if I could.

I still intend to answer as many readers as I can, but if you have not received an answer within two weeks of writing me, then I'm afraid that one of the following things has happened:

  • I couldn't find the time to reply. This has nothing to do with your email and everything to do with what was on my schedule during those two weeks;
  • you filled in the form and forgot to fill in your email address;
  • your email address is invalid;
  • or

  • your email account has blocked my reply to you as "spam."

Unfortunately, the last problem happens quite frequently!

If you haven't received a reply, please email me again from a different account and let me know it is the second time you are trying to reach me. Perhaps another email address will not be so picky, or my schedule will allow me time to reply to this email.

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