Clare B. Dunkle

Reviews & Edition Information for Hope and Other Luxuries

By Clare B. Dunkle. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2015.
Edited by Ginee Seo.
Companion memoir to Elena Vanishing.
A mother's life with a daughter's anorexia.

Elena and Valerie as children

A Junior Library Guild selection.

Selected by U.K.'s Stylist magazine as one of "Four Books That Changed the Conversation."

Featured on the Diane Rehm Show, Woman's Day, CNN, MissHeard Magazine, and U.K.'s Daily Mail.

Selected as one of Conversations Magazine's Top 100 Adult Books of 2015.

A four-star rating on

Audible released the audiobook version:
"Couldn't stop listening! I've told so many people about this book."

"Harrowing and exhausting, heart wrenching, and revealing."

"Dunkle never spares herself. We feel her frustration ... the cruelty and illogic of certain episodes is Kafkaesque in proportion."
The Book Wars

"Psychologists ... have yet to pay adequate attention to the emotional and psychological experiences of patients’ loved ones. Dunkle provides them with a voice. Important, informative and provocative."
—Teenreads, the Book Report Network

"Incredibly powerful. The book vividly captures the pain of living with a family member who's been stolen by their mental illness, and the fight to get them back."
—Relena_reads on Goodreads

"This is the first book that's ever made me cry. So raw and beautiful."
—Beth Dixon on Goodreads

"Clare Dunkle's writing is excellent and she lays out the emotional trials of being by her daughters' side with honesty and poise."
—Kier on Goodreads

"Haunting, beautiful, and hard to forget. Clare does not sugar coat any part of her story, and you can hear her despair and desperation in every word. I highly recommend this book to all readers!"
—Marathon County Public Library MCPL on Goodreads

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