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Bonus Quiz for In the Coils of the Snake

By Clare B. Dunkle. New York: Henry Holt, 2005.

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Two years before this book came out in print, I wrote a story about the children of Miranda and Arianna. I want to share the story with you, but only if you have read the entire trilogy. If you have not read In the Coils of the Snake yet, this story will spoil the book's most important surprises.

If you have finished In the Coils of the Snake, choose the best possible answer to each question on this test. Then click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page. Readers who score 75 or higher will find my hidden story.

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When Nir told Miranda he needed her help against the goblins, he wanted her to

lead the goblin guards into an ambush.
get more information out of Sable.
help him understand what Catspaw might be planning.
get lost.

Because she was the daughter of Til and Jack, Miranda was

an elf-human cross.
a human.
a human-goblin cross.
an elf.

To protect its wearer, the Seven Stars Spell

causes an earthquake.
causes a goblin internal bleeding.
burns a goblin.
Both B and C.

Nir's mother

came from a large family.
hated Nir.
hated Nir's father.
came from an aristocratic background.

Nir's magic

told Nir what to do, but not why.
made Nir miserable.
killed someone.
All of the above.

Sable hated Nir because

he was a man.
he was arrogant.
he was an elf.
both A and C.

Catspaw decided to kill Nir because

Nir was in the way of Catspaw's plans.
Catspaw thought Nir had harmed Catspaw's subjects.
Catspaw had found out Miranda loved Nir.
Both A and B.

The phrase In the Coils of the Snake refers to

the dangers of living in the forest.
the elvish meaning of Miranda's name.
a gift Catspaw gave to Miranda.
the comment Arianna made after getting married.

Nir was actually

the son of an elf and a human.
Catspaw's equal.
the grandson of a goblin.
Both A and B.

On her wedding day, Miranda

ate chocolate cake.
was given a bouquet of wildflowers.
watched a fight.

Tattoo and Celia named their son


During her time in the underground prison, Miranda read

Robinson Crusoe.
Keats's poems.
Paradise Lost.
goblin spells.

Nir thought it was horrible that Miranda

had never danced.
had kissed a man.
had to live in the dark.
All of the above.

Miranda's guards spent their time

telling war stories.
playing games.
drinking beer.

Catspaw gave Nir

a knife.
a cloak.
a book.
Both B and C.

Elf women wear

red cloaks.
an underdress and a dress.
an embroidered blouse and a skirt.
deerskin coats.

When Arianna tried to use plants to block the goblin King's path, Charm

stopped her.
approved of her.
collected a new statistic.
Both B and C.

When she first came to live with the elves, Miranda hated the

elf lord.

The first words Arianna spoke to a goblin were to


After enchanting Miranda, Nir began to treat her like

a slave.
a wife.
a child.
a hostage.

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