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Reviews & Edition Information for The Walls Have Eyes

By Clare B. Dunkle. New York: Atheneum, 2009.
Edited by Ginee Seo for Ginee Seo Books.
A sequel to The Sky Inside.
A science fiction novel for ages ten and up.

Military installation

Simon & Schuster UK released the UK edition in August, 2009. That edition is paperback.

Simon & Schuster Australia released the Australian edition in October, 2009. That edition is paperback.

"Martin's exciting adventures will keep the reader hooked to find out what will happen next. ... This spellbinding science fiction book is a fantastic book that all middle school children will truly enjoy."
—Children's Literature

"A cautionary tale ... This book convincingly portrays a citizenry that has blindly accepted the monotony of a technological dictatorship. "

"Readers who like science fiction and dystopian settings will be delighted. ... I highly recommend the series. ... It would be a great pick for reluctant readers, especially boys."
Stiletto Storytime

"An intriguingly weird world ... fast-paced adventure."

"Comforting, enjoyable adventure ... In a genre populated by gifted, destined and otherwise special child protagonists, Martin's pure normality is a breath of fresh air."

"Well — I had NO idea that this series was going to head this way. Of course I figured Martin was going to agitate enough to change the structure of his world permanently (what teenager wouldn't given the chance) — but I didn't see this particular path. Kudos to Dunkle for her very active imagination and skillful writing. Can I hope for a 3rd book?"
Kiss the Book

"What happens when one discovers that one's own existence is the result of horrors? This is not the magical 'willing victim' of 'Narnia.' This is Socrates on Auschwitz. ... If writers like Dunkle find the readers they deserve, perhaps the next generation's response to the moral and political conundrums they face will be better thought out than those of the present generation."
—Bryce Milligan for The San Antonio Express-News

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